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The Earth has been beseiged by a subtle abundance of hydrogen sulfide gas that has made its way into the atmosphere.  The exposure to the populace is devastating.  A means to “save” the populace is created allowing a transformation into a new form of bio-organism called CyPhrons.  Their DNA composition and human soul also transfers — giving hope for continued “life”.  These CyPhrons live within Networmls (network worlds) as if they are still within the Earth’s environment.  All does not turn out as promised and these CyPhrons are thrown into a world filled with unknown challenges and uncertainty.

A reconnaissance CyPheron called Virtual-X is formed to bring order and balance in this new super-secret-cipher-society, and to represent The Power That Is.  Their mission is to recover, preserve, and decipher the Remnant — the legendary reference to a so-called “constitution” or “code”.  The Remnant is rumored to contain the geonetric locations of cipher key mappings, portals, and security clearances to the entire Realm of cyphronic networmls.  They are challenged by The Power That Is Not, whose members are called Scamrons, supposedly led by the legendary ViPrey icon E-Nebuli

Virtual-X traverses throughout various networmls seeking to escape the wrath of the ViPrey, but also to gather the crystals comprising the Remnant.  Without all the crystals  the Remnant cannot be made whole.  Virtual-X is guided by the Kemetic Angel named Gria and is protected by the coveted cipher script called the Nano Tera. This cipher script was created by Betelhem as a means to traverse networmls without detection.  Fuzzy Funk is a cyphron warrior thought to have created the networmls and is desperately needed by Virtual-X to defeat The Power That Is Not.  A dynamic international supporting cast brings excitement and adventure to this new science fiction saga about the future.

 Copyright © 2010 by R.L. Dunbar — All Rights Reserved



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