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Kemetic Ankh


Abu Bakari

Netmapper navigator to the Virtual-X cypheron.


Legendary Code Runner swiftly rising through the Reality as an independent free spirit wanting to change how code is taught in the CyPher Academy. Creativity and theoretical problems is her world. Created the coveted Nano Tera Sequence as a result of a rejected thesis on Dynamic Virtual Ciphers. The Legend of Fuzzy Funk became her guardian mentor and revealed to her the secrets of the Ghost Code…..therefore creating the ultimate cipher key – a virtual stealth code undetectable and able to be embedded within any device accepting a cipher.  She is its sole guardian and controls all embedded Nano Tera sequence scripts within the Reality.


Mercenary for hire who pairs up with Kruel and E-Nebuli until he finds out the truth about them in a battle with Virtual-X. Joins Virtual-X to battle the Hordes of BoLoob.

Black Angus

CyPhron mercenary living within the Abyss of BoLoob. A materials science engineer by training and an astro-physicist by passion, this stealth mercenary expert has sought to confirm the physical existence of Dark Matter within the Reality. He is shown the source of this substance by E-Nebuli and therefore creates dark matter weaponry and armor for defense against the ViPrey and the Power That Is Not.  Develops the scheme to reincarnate a new Fuzzy Funk to assist in defeating the Power That Is Not. Guardian to E-Nebuli after the Zonon Lockdown.

Diamond Blade

CyPhron Geology teacher who moonlights as a mercenary for Virtual-X. Feared by ViPrey and CyPhrons alike because of her special skill with a light-wave whip and other special tools laced with a mysterious grade of artifical diamonds.


Monster skink who successfully raided the Zonon Lockdown seeking to find the Nano Tera Remnant and claims to have destroyed Khufu and the last of the Zonons during the battle at the Isle of Zon. Leaving empty handed, he eventually captures the Kemetic Angel Gria and attempts to force her to reveal the location of the Remnant. Virtual-X intervenes and battles the Dimming Beast until Black Angus comes to his rescue and explains who the real enemy is and how E-Nebuli will assist Virtual-X in securing the Remnant and to defeat the Power That Is Not! Black Angus is E-Nebuli’s CyPhron guardian.

Fuzzy Funk (aka — The Legend of Fuzzy Funk)

Former legendary Zonon leader turned CyPhron Renegade who sought to take aggressive tactics against the Power That Is Not and the ViPrey. His stance was not popular and therefore was removed from his post as the Reality’s military leader for CyPhron defense. He fought to make safety and security a priority and shortly after his removal the Remnant was rumored to have been stolen from the Isle of Zon during the Zonon lockdown. The Directorate of Councils believe he had something to do with its disappearance. A multi-disciplined engineer who is believed to have devloped the networml traversal portals for which all CyPhrons transmute from one geonetric location to another.  Also, he is the first to discover the secrets of the Ghost Code.


Kemetic Angel who nurtures and protects the souls of all cyphron children. Represents the Power That Is through Goodness, Greatness, and Grandeur. Is searching for her daughter’s lost soul from the time of the Earth. She must return to the time of the Earth because her entity did not survive the hydrogen sulfide exposure, but her love for her daughter allowed her to temporarily transcend into the virtual world of the Reality for a short period of time.


Chief of network security for Virtual-X. Secures transmutation cypher keys for virtual traversal portals.


Fuzzy Funk’s first lieutenant in the CyPhron security forces.  Was captured by the Viprey as a youth and eventually extracted by Black Angus and Fuzzy Funk.  Recovered and settled down within the Freedom CyPheron of the Reality.  Married to Melekot and is the father of twins Zera and Zon.


CyPhron Code Runner who is light years beyond her chronological age. She doesn’t speak much because of her vision disability, but her gift of analysis insight and coding is astounding. She has no peer at any age. She is destined to compliment Betelhem as among the best cyphron code runners ever… She “sees” code through her innate sensitivity. Is the only known CyPhron to have the ability to connect to live code naturally and decipher it in real time. This code runner is heavily under the protection of Virtual-X and Jaguarii (Koada’s pet panther).


SATwave and Speed of TERA specialist for hire.

Legend of the LAN

Ancient Zonon couple who are the wisest of all CyPhrons within the Reality.  Highly respected for their insight and strategy of networml traversing and Ghost Code translation.

Legend of the MAN

Ancient Zonon couple who are responsible for creating temporary virtual traversal portals within the Reality.  Their skills are in high demand as cypherons seek to find ways to minimize traversal times to conserve energy.

Legend of the SAN

Ancient Zonon couple who are keepers of energy and storage cyphers within the Reality.

Legend of the WAN

Ancient Zonon couple who are responsible for the maintenance of geonetric traversal stations within the Realm.  


Supreme Kemetic Angel of Truth, Order, Justice, and Balance whose primary directive is keeping the Power That Is Not from the destroying the Reality. Seeks to orchestrate and control events within the Reality using the power of Ghost Code to reach those who can decipher or understand its messages. Responsible for arranging the continued protection of her Kemetic Angelic forces against the ViPrey, along with providing security for the Nano Tera Remnant.


Strategic commander of Virtual-X. Personally selected by Imhotep to lead Virtual-X. Melekot orchestrated the defense forces and escape of the populace from the Zonon Lockdown. Her historic mentor is Hannibal Barca. She is the wife of Imhotep and mother of Zera and Zon.


Chief of network security for Virtual-X. Secures transmutation cypher keys for stationary traversal portals.


Netmapper navigator to the CipherFire cypheron.


Stealthy apprentice to Terse Blindsider. Allegiance is with the Ko CyPheron.

Terse Blindsider

Sole guardian to The Remnant.  Allegiance is to The Power That Is.


The regal leader of the Directorate of Councils. Moderator who sets the agenda for full representation of all CyPhrons within the Reality.

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