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Anii – A cyphronic networml rumored to have existed before the arrival of the Zonons.  

Ankh – The heart of every cyphron containing a crystal that emits a light source and unique frequency (fingerprint). Kemetic symbol for life.  

Cipher (Cypher) – Any method of encrypting text. Its origin is the Arabic word sifr, meaning empty or zero.  

Code Runner – The most coveted occupation within a networml coming under the domain of CyPherGov.  There are numerous categories of code runners maintaining the existence of networmls — the most famous being Betelhem.

Constant Velocity (CV) – A transformation mode where cyphrons travel within traversal portals.  

CyPheron – CyPhrons coming together to form a team seeking common goals and objectives.  

CyPhrons – Modeled from the word cipher (cypher). Animated characters that are nano-scaled bio-organisms or bio-host techs (BOTs) whose creation was the result of an experimental biochemical development process. 

CyPherGov – governing entity of the Reality Networml.

Dimming Star – Interstellar phenomenon better known as brown dwarf stars.

Directorate of Councils – elected leaders representing cyphrons throughout the Reality Networml.

Encoda Moda – The official warrior greeting of Virtual-X meaning “Reach Your Potential!” or “Do Your Best!”.

Freedom CyPheron – CyPheron comprised exclusively of Virtual-X members and their allies.

Geonautical – Address string coordinates of and within a networml. The string contains spatial, temporal, network, cipher, security, and mode information.  

Ghost Code – Silenced voices of lost cyphronic souls within networmls. Also serves as a check-bit for code runners. 

Kemet – The ancient native name of the land now broadly comprising Egypt, northern Sudan, and northern Ethiopia.

Kemetic – Term used to describe ancient Africa’s pre-Indo European cultural influences in what is present day northeastern Africa. 

Moda Coda – The official Virtual-X warrior response to Encoda Moda. It means “Potential Reached!” or “My Best Is Done!”.  

Nano-Tera – A highly coveted cipher script created by the cyphron code runner, Betelhem, for traversal portals. Sometimes referred to as the Nano-Tera sequence. The sequence is embedded within traversal portals as a check-bit ram-boot operating system and also into select cyphron Virmls as cipher keys.  It is activated when a cyphron maintaining a Nano-Tera cipher enters a traversal portal.  There are two types of Nano-Tera ciphers…. the standard Pulse and the Quantum Pulse.  The Quantum Pulse is capable of producing virtual traversal portals and tracking other cyphrons possessing a Pulse cipher.

Netica – A muti-tiered communications network delivering subscriber-based digital media. Requires any open-source based cipher to access.   

Networml – Any network world within the Realm.

Neureo – CyPhron central nervous system or brain.  

Reality – A cyphronic networml where Virtual-X primarily resides.  

Realm – The infinite world of CyPhrons.  

Remnant – A crystal set in an Ankh containing the secrets of ancient cyphrons. Sometimes referred to as the Nano-Tera Remnant.  

SA – Super Agents of CyPherGov.

SATwave – Ionic blast waves piercing the atmosphere of all networmls. If a cyphron can catch a wave (through their various wave rider vehicles) it provides a tremendous energy boost for enhanced performance.  

Speed-of-SAT – Refers to speed of SATwave traversing.

Scamrons – CyPhrons aligning themselves with The Power That Is Not.

Speed-of-Tera – Refers to TERAspeed traversing.  

Tekhen – Kemetic term for unique architectural structures in Kemet known throughout the world later as obelisks.  

Telica – A multi-tiered communications network delivering subscriber-based digital media. Requires a CyPherGov issued cipher to access.  

The Power That Is – The positive force of the Realm.

The Power That Is Not – The negative force of the Realm.

Traversal Portal – A gateway to networmls and their geonautical sectors that cyphrons utilize for travel. Some portals are virtual (created on demand) and others are permanent stations taking on any physical appearance. A virtual portal travels with the keeper of the cipher key enabling that portal. The only virtual portals are those of the Nano-Tera used exclusively by Virtual-X and their allies.  

Transmute — Process in which a cyphron phases into constant velocity mode to enter a traversal portal.

Traversing -CyPhrons traveling in and among networmls using designated traversal portals.  

Vidi – CyPhron dimensional digital video.  

ViPrey – Mutating BOT viper beasts (Skinks) that steal the souls of cyphrons. They have the power of a dimming star whereas their shadows can exist beyond their actual physical body presence. 

Virml – Virtual networml traversal device always carried by a CyPhron containing unique program code and cipher key information for constant velocity transmutation. 

Virtual-X – Select group of cyphron warriors founded by Fuzzy Funk who are actively committed to defending the Reality against the destructive ways of The Power That Is Not.  

Zonon – One of the last surviving cypherons during the time of the Ancients.  

Zonon Lockdown – A time of self-imposed isolation to review Isle of Zon security. 

 Copyright © 2010 by R.L. Dunbar — All Rights Reserved



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