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Encoda Moda

CyPhrons is a new science fiction series written by R. L. Dunbar along with contributing writers Ganga Hapangama, Nadra Milan, Patricia Spence, and James Whitehead.  The book, CyPhrons: In Search of the Remant, and Code of the Realm  can be purchased at Amazon in addition to the audiobook.  The CyPhrons saga is beautifully narrated by Laura Peterson with an introduction by McKenna Dunbar and Andrew Akintunde and the podcast can be heard at iTunes.  Various short videos can be found at Vimeo, Daily Motion, Meta Cafe, and You Tube, and are introduced by La’Shonda Mancia. Networml virtual stores are at CafePress and Zazzle.

The first installment, CyPhrons: In Search of the Remnant, is an adventure taking place in the year 2050 within a nano scaled networml called the Reality, populated by CyPhrons and ViPrey.  This networml was created by the convergence of science and engineering elements, and influenced by Kemetic culture.  The saga is a family oriented story about faith, hope, and perserverance for all ages.  A visual and audio journey of this story can be found at CyPhrons.com  Email rldunbar@cyphrons.com if you’d like to receive more information about the entire series.

The second installment, CyPhrons: Code of the Realm, expands upon the themes in the previous book, in addition, character origins are explored and we learn why the Reality is under seige by the ViPrey and Scamron minions.  We also find out how and why Virtual-X was formed.  It is also revealed why the honor of Fuzzy Funk is tied to the survival of the cyphron populace. 

The third installment, CyPhrons: Deep into the Abyss, follows the cypheron CipherFire, led by Black Angus, to the Abyss of BoLoob in order to recover the stolen Remnant.  Betelhem leads a small group of Kemetic Angels triumphantly to regain control of the Isle of Zon from the Hordes of BoLoob.  The Legend of Fuzzy Funk has rejoined Virtual-X to successfully guide them through this mission along with the TERA Force and CyPherMOF cypherons.

The fourth installment, CyPhrons: Networml Wars, shows us that cyphrons of the Reality networml are not alone in their small world.  Ma’at and her Kemetic Angels reveal the impending invasion of unknown forces within the infinite Realm of cyphronic networmls! 

The entire CyPhrons saga is a 12 book series (in 3 parts)  — Time of the Earth, Networmls, Encoda Moda.


Robert L. Dunbar — Author & Creator

Hayward Myers — Illustrator

Copyright © 2011 by R.L. Dunbar — All Rights Reserved



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