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CyPhrons Super Secret Cipher Society November 10, 2012

Posted by Networml in 1.

The CyPhrons super-secret-cipher-society-saga is a three part series with twelve books!

The Time of the Earth, Networmls, and Encoda Moda.

Humans have lost their civilized ways and in the year 2050 a scientific breakthrough was reached….  The ultimate and permanent outer body experience was now a reality.  An individual’s soul and DNA can be transferred into a new sustainable body called CyPhrons that can live virtually forever and can withstand strenuous deep space travel….  Have we lost our minds, or just our bodies….  A few believe we have lost our ways and have forgotten that humans are not divine beings but just mortals who aspire to be that which we cannot…. follow the adventure and be surprised by its journey!

The current four books — In Search of the Remnant, Code of the Realm, Deep into the Abyss, and Networml Wars comprise the middle series entitled Networmls.  The prequel — Time of the Earth ….. will track the events leading up to the birth of the Networmls.  The sequel — Encoda Moda ….. deals with the discovery of the secret traversal portals that would lead them back to the Time of the Earth.  There, they hope they would learn about their origins.  They have no specific memory of their transformation from humans into cyphrons — only that it happened.  Feel the Pulse!    Encoda Moda!



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