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Secrets of Fuzzy Funk November 12, 2012

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Fuzzy Funk was one of the original Zonons that came together to form a defense against the ViPrey and the Power That Is Not within the Anii networml to protect the cyphron and zonon populace.  Most cyphrons were defenseless against the ViPrey skinks because they knew not how to fight them.  There seemed to be two types of ViPrey….  The regular ViPrey that had no enhanced powers (and they were the ones who are mostly helpful to cyphrons); and those that looked like monster skinks and different variations as well.  The monster skinks had enhanced powers that would allow them to have outer body experiences, whereas they could transmit a shadowy likeness of themselves out into a geonetric location within a networml and steal cyphron souls.  Their actual physical presence would create a stench of hydrogen sulfide gas when they gathered in mass….  A monster skink would also have the strength of a dimming star making it impossible for anyone to defeat them.  All, but one…. Fuzzy Funk!  The special power of a dimming star would be that of gravitational pull.

Fuzzy was the only Zonon who could fight hand to hand combat with any ViPrey beast and defeat them.  He was the only one that they feared in addition to Diamond Blade.  Diamond Blade is a teacher within the CyPhron Academy.  She also moonlights as a renegade mercenary for CiPher Fire – the legendary stealth cypheron – led by Black Angus.  Black Angus is also a Zonon and he is a material science engineer with specialization in dark matter and dark energy.  He is secretly known to be a dark matter “blacksmith” for the Nano-Tera.  His weaponry and defense gear are known for their tremendous success against the monster ViPrey beasts and the Power That is Not.

In addition to the core of CiPher Fire, there is Rahman.  He is their primary networml navigator and secondary code runner.  His aircraft of choice is the Veloraptor…. It may not be the fastest Realm class aircraft, but it is the swiftest, most powerful, maneuverable, and stealthy aircraft in existence within the Realm.  Rahman has the moves that will make a monster skink pause and think…… if there is such a thing…

Fuzzy Funk had a long successful history with the Anii networml before he moved to the Reality.  When he was removed from his position as lead defense minister within the Reality networml of CyPhron Defense, he placed himself into self-exile and created a new cypheron called Virtual-X. He has not been seen since, but Virtual-X is associated with him and this reconnaissance cypheron represents his thinking.  The members of this cypheron are on the run, but are very popular within the Reality.  They represent that which is good and great and pose a threat to the current players who are wreaking havoc within the Reality.

Fuzzy’s engineering genius and ability to be both mystical and practical was very important in the development of the Ghost Code…… The Ghost Code is central to powering the networml portals… Networml portals are the gateways to and from the infinite networmls of the Realm.  Fuzzy is the ultimate leader – he will not lead where he has not followed, and he will always sacrifice himself before he risks the lives of others….. Most important of all, he will find a way to succeed!!!!!  His war cry is widely known!!!!

E-e-e-Y-a-a-a-h!  E-e-e-Y-a-a-a-h!  E-e-e-Y-a-a-a-h!  &n bsp; Encoda Moda!

Fuzzy is closely associated also with Betelhem, the current ranking CyPhron CyPher Guardian.  There can only be one CiPher Guardian to reign at a time….. Betelhem is the only cyphron who can summon the Remnant…  Betelhem is a former code runner who developed the Nano Tera code.  It is the code that is protecting the Remnant along with CiPher Fire.  No one has broken or come near to deciphering the Nano Tera.  It is the hope of the Hordes of BoLoob and the Power That Is Not to capture Betelhem in order to steal the Remnant.  Currently the Remnant location is not known to anyone for it became lost during the Zonon Lockdown.

One last thing…. There are two Fuzzy Funk characters….. When Fuzzy Funk became self-exiled, he became the Legend of Fuzzy Funk.  Black Angus and then he then mentored a younger CyPhron to succeed him.  That apprentice is now known as Fuzzy Funk.  The saga continues……


CyPhrons Super Secret Cipher Society November 10, 2012

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The CyPhrons super-secret-cipher-society-saga is a three part series with twelve books!

The Time of the Earth, Networmls, and Encoda Moda.

Humans have lost their civilized ways and in the year 2050 a scientific breakthrough was reached….  The ultimate and permanent outer body experience was now a reality.  An individual’s soul and DNA can be transferred into a new sustainable body called CyPhrons that can live virtually forever and can withstand strenuous deep space travel….  Have we lost our minds, or just our bodies….  A few believe we have lost our ways and have forgotten that humans are not divine beings but just mortals who aspire to be that which we cannot…. follow the adventure and be surprised by its journey!

The current four books — In Search of the Remnant, Code of the Realm, Deep into the Abyss, and Networml Wars comprise the middle series entitled Networmls.  The prequel — Time of the Earth ….. will track the events leading up to the birth of the Networmls.  The sequel — Encoda Moda ….. deals with the discovery of the secret traversal portals that would lead them back to the Time of the Earth.  There, they hope they would learn about their origins.  They have no specific memory of their transformation from humans into cyphrons — only that it happened.  Feel the Pulse!    Encoda Moda!